Campus is closed until Monday

I was all set to go to class tonight. I upped my steps on my Fitbit in preparation for it. Then I got a text telling me that there’s no class. There are no classes after 4 pm because of the air quality.

I ran to the post office to send off my copy of Night to a friend who wanted to read it. And picked up my mail.

I stopped in at the library near the post office because there is a little free library there and there’s a clean bathroom there. I found out that the little free library near the library only takes children’s books. Mine wasn’t a child’s book. I saw a friend there and chatted for a few minutes until I had to admit to her that I didn’t come in to visit with her. She invited me to my daughter’s dance performance tomorrow. Thankfully I knew about it before she said anything. Sometimes they forget to tell me.

I drove to the library near home to pick up the books that were on hold. I had tried to pick them up a few times, but the library had been closed because of the air quality.

I looked up the location of another little free library, but they weren’t near where I was. I will wait.

I went home and did laundry and dishes. I took out the garbage, recycling and compost. I talked to the neighbor who offered his recycle bin for any overflow we might have. It was too smoky to stay out and chat, though.

I ended up getting into pjs early, reading a bit and talking to an online friend. I am still going to attempt to finish a book tonight since there’s less than an hour left, according to my oasis.

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