Completion downer

I had a huge project thrust upon me last year. By the time I did my research and dealt with all the phone calls it was mid December before I could go and deal with it in person. I had a couple more mini hoops to jump through before I could complete it, so it was mid January before I got the majority of it done.

The last little part was more difficult to complete. I needed to leave it for a couple of months while the finishing touches were done. Then I had my foot surgery and couldn’t deal with it. I phoned about it in July and was told that it still wasn’t complete.

I called in October and was told that it had been sitting there for months and was just waiting for me to come get it. No one had called to tell me. I hadn’t had time to go get it.

I finally called again yesterday. I was told that they’d called. No. Still hadn’t. But it was ready and I could get it. Almost a year later. I picked it up and delivered it. The project was completed.

Now that the project was no longer looming over my head, I felt relief. And kind of down. The thought of the project had been with me for so long that it almost felt like a friend. Now that it’s complete, it’s no longer with me. No longer a worry. No longer a weight I’m carrying with me.

I took a nap. I’m feeling a little better. I did accomplish a lot today, besides this project.

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