Air quality vs school

After work, I went to get my oil changed. I always take it to the small, local place, instead of the oil change chain. The guys there know me and my cars, and are honest. They are busy enough to not want extra repair work and are generally nice guys. I don’t ever feel like they are just trying to get money out of me.

I arrived early for my appointment and explained that I would wait. Sometimes I drop off and come back, but the couch is actually comfortable and I had two books with me. No problems, especially since their bathroom is clean if I needed it.

I got about halfway through the book I needed to finish for Sunday when a lady came in asking for an alignment. Costco had sent her over. I was so happy for the shop. They got onto Costco’s referral list and they’ll be getting that business, hopefully. From each zip code, Costco takes one small business that fulfills all their criteria and outsources everything but tires. Great idea!

The woman waited for her car on the comfy couches with me. We chatted a while and I think I’ve convinced her to get her future oil changes done at the shop, especially after she called around for the prices at other alignment places.

After the oil change, I took myself to lunch at Panera. Soup and salad, yummy. I ordered a cup of soup to go for my daughter, too, and confused everyone. Once it was all settled, I started reading the book for Sunday’s bookclub. I think I have another hour or so left in it.

After lunch, I went home and napped until my daughter informed me that it was time for class. I sleepily worked my way out the door and heard on the news that San Francisco State was closed for the rest of the week, due to air quality. I was jealous, since I was not really finished with my nap. I headed off to class.

During class, I coughed my way through warm-up and since my ribs hurt from previous coughing fits, I skipped push ups. I managed to get quite a ways into the book for Vegas bookclub and met my treadmill goal. I wanted to get a mile in under 25 minutes without having to get off and cough or go to the bathroom. My lungs, bladder and foot all complied. I finished in 24:58. I am getting there!

I got home and ate a quick dinner before bed, and woke up around 2 am to find a text from the school, and from my daughter that both of the community colleges are closed until Monday. So… No class tonight. I will have a little breather. I’ll find something to do.

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