Auto glass adventure

About a month ago, someone broke my daughter’s car window. The passenger side rear door triangle window. That’s how I described it to the lady at dispatch. She asked if it was a tinted window or clear. I don’t know, it’s my daughter’s car. Ok. No problem, but there are no appointments available for two weeks. If we did a mobile appointment, it could be done in a couple of days. Great. Scheduled it for at the mall, so we could do something while we waited.

The appointment was for today at 1:30. I got a call at 12:30 asking me if we could go to the glass place instead of having the guy go to the mall. Fine. Not a problem since it was close to the mall anyhow. My daughter arrived before me. They found out that the woman who arranged it ordered the window for the front and blamed me. Nope. Not taking the blame for this one.

They told my daughter that she’d have to take the car to the dealer to get the window fixed. Ok. So we will go to the dealer. As I’m about to call the dealer to see when they can take the car, I get a call from my daughter that they can take her on Friday. Again, mobile guy coming to the shop since the shop has no available appointments.

We went to lunch and window shopping for potential cruise clothes. I went home and napped before class. I managed to get a lot of my audiobook listened to while finishing a painting. I’ll be ready to start a new painting at the next class.

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