You can’t pay at Starbucks with your Amazon app

I have a short day at work, and it’s a holiday, so I don’t have class tonight. I am taking a friend out to dinner this evening, but I have a couple of hours to kill between now and then.

I have a library book due today, so I probably should finish that, but I left it at home. I also realized that I left my sweatshirt at home, so I had to go home and get it. I finished my audiobook on the way home.

I grabbed lunch, took out the garbage, recycling and compost, emptied and loaded and ran the dishwasher. I grabbed my almost overdue library book and one other library book, and my sweatshirt. I headed out the door.

I checked on timing for dinner. Carwash, ATM and coffee are on the afternoons to-do list. I should add a nap to the list, too.

When i pulled into the carwash location, I realized I needed to get my magnets off the back of the car, so I filled up with gas while I was getting out of the car, anyhow. I also paid for the carwash. The line was only about six cars deep, but the carwash takes about five to ten minutes per car. I had the time and stuff to do while waiting.

I wrote the review of the newly completed audiobook. I worked on this posting. I cleaned out my wallet. I read my library book. I wondered what happened to make this sign necessary –

I watched the dirt just run off the car in front of me, and saw a very startled pigeon come flying out of the carwash as the water started up.

Finally, it was my turn. I have a small car, and the hood is always closer to me than I think. I had to move up. Move up. Move up. I got mild motion sickness as the machine started up. There is a spot on my back window that the carwash can’t reach, so is bothering me as I keep watching it get partially clean. As I drove through the drier, a whole bunch of wet leaves blew out from under the windshield wipers. I guess the machine didn’t get there, either.

I drove to the drive through coffee place after reloading my card. I suspect that I used the wrong debit card to lose it. I’ll find out soon. When I try to use that card. I am also noticing that the carwash didn’t get my mirrors or the inside of my windows. I guess I’ll Windex them when I get to it. Not today. I opened my Amazon app, which is right next to the Starbucks app. I found no barcode to scan. I tried. I decided that I really needed the caffeine.

After getting coffee, I went to the PO Box and got the mail, even though the post office was not open. A bunch of bank statements and a credit card offer. And a package that I think is a cloak/cape that I ordered.

It was still very early and way too early for meeting my friend. I went in search of a bathroom. I attempted the library, which is usually my go to place. It’s a holiday. Not open. I went to the restaurant to wait and found a parking spot right outside. It was a sign! The bakery across the street was still open and has a public bathroom. I took care of that and went back to my car to finish my library book and nap.

I still have to have dinner and return the library book. I’ll write mini book reviews when I get to them. Tonight or tomorrow.

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