Reading, writing, speaking, breathing

I have never liked writing. I love reading, but writing has always been a chore.

I am not really writing here. I’m just putting random thoughts down in words. There’s a big difference. When you write, you have to worry about dangling participles, run on sentences, ending sentences with a preposition, and starting sentences with and or but. I know the rules, but I don’t always feel like following them. All of those rules of grammar are stressful. When you’re just jotting down thoughts, it doesn’t matter. No stress.

When I read what you’ve written, I judge you on spelling, knowing the difference between their, there and they’re. And if you ever write “your welcome” I don’t think I can ever read anything else you write.

I read a lot. And I play words with friends/scrabble a lot. I’ve learned that it’s much easier to win at scrabble if you play your vocabulary. The more you read, the larger the vocabulary becomes.

When I’m speaking, I tend to not use the new words that I learn when I read. I don’t always pronounce them correctly, so I use smaller words to be understood. Occasionally, I’ll see a word that I’ve heard, but had no idea how it was spelled. There’s always something to learn when reading.

I have been told that I write just the way that I speak. There are worse things to be accused of. I know there are a lot of grammatical errors in my musings, but, I’m really doing this for myself. If anyone else reads it, that’s great. If not, my thoughts are still out there, jotted down.

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