Planning ahead

I know my blog posts are generally short, and I get a couple posted a day, but I have a few topics planned at a time. When I get an idea about what to write about, I at least get a title drafted and get back to it later. Sometimes, I will sit down and write a whole blog entry at once. Other times, the topic will sit in my draft stack for weeks. Sometimes, I write it, but don’t hit publish yet. It’s similar to my book goal planning.

If I get it in writing, I’ll remember to do it, or at least I’ll remember that I forgot to do it. Saying it out loud works sometimes, too.

As far as my goals and challenges go, getting them in writing and updating regularly keeps me on track.

I also believe in starting now, and not waiting for a future something to happen. For example, I’m starting my 2019 goals today, instead of waiting for January 1. The thought behind that is that if I start now and don’t wait until January, I’ll be that much further into my goal by January 1. I’ll use the motivation I have now to get started, and I won’t forget my plan if I don’t give myself the opportunity.

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