Field trip to the Legion of Honor museum

My daughter had to go to the art museum for information to write a paper for her art history class. So I went with her. I enjoyed the trip.

I look at the paintings and other pieces of art and read the descriptions. I look further information up online while I’m there. I basically just take it all in.

I make sure that I take pictures of both the art and the description so that I don’t forget what I saw.

I was struck, this time by the figures from the Gates of Hell, which was supposed to be a door to a church that never opened. The Gates of Hell was based partly on Dante’s Inferno. I mentally put that on my to read list.

I wish I’d taken a photo of the full description with the drawing of what the full door was supposed to look like. I guess I’ll have to go back soon.

I also love the part of the museum where the old books are displayed. There’s always something new in there.

I love having so much to see and do so close to where I live. I hope to see much more of it while I’m here.

I also get steps in, toward my daily goal. A bonus!

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