Acquiring a passport, part 1

I retrieved my birth certificate since I couldn’t find the one i had at home. It was the last piece of information I needed, I thought.  I moved my appointment to today, because, according to the list online, I had everything I needed.

I got there, and waited.  I was talking to the companion of the person before me, while we were waiting.  I got a book recommendation.  A horror book from the 1930s.  Not my style, but I’m glad she was liking it.

When it was my turn, I went in and handed over my paperwork.  I needed another form since I had had a passport in the past, even though it’s been expired for 30ish years.  While I was filling it out, the clerk was looking over my paperwork.  She let me completely finish and then told me that I need my marriage certificate since my name on my birth certificate didn’t match my driver’s license.  I could go and get a copy and come back this afternoon.  Well, the registrar’s office that has the marriage certificate is 6+ hours away, one way.  I put all my paperwork back into the envelope, and my driver’s license back into my wallet and headed back to my car.

I looked up how to get a copy of the marriage certificate, and it told me I could apply online.  Turns out that they only have the records on file from less than 20 years ago.  Everyone else can call or fax a request in.  So, I called.  I waited for 20 minutes, while the recording kept telling me, “you are the second caller.”  “You are the first caller.  You’re next.”  Then “you can apply online, call back later.”  Ummm…. nope.  Try again.  I waited another twenty minutes on the phone and finally got someone!  I gave my info and paid, and it will go in the mail within 24 hours.   “It will arrive in 7-10 business days.”  Let’s hope the mail is faster than that.

At least I’m checking things off my list.

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