What book will be book 43?

I have finished book 42 (the answer, but what is the question?), and I am working my way toward finishing book 43/62.  In the running for the next book are She’s Not There, The Incendiaries, and Vodka and Chocolate Drops.

She’s Not There has about 45 minutes left in it, according to my Kindle.  There’s not a deadline on this one, but it’s the closest to being completed, and it interests me.

Vodka and Chocolate Drops is due on Thursday, 11/8, for a Goodreads group challenge.  I still have a lot of it to go, but it’s due first, so I may have to concentrate on finishing that.

The Incendiaries is the current audiobook going in my car.  It’s due 11/28, but it arrived just after I finished the audiobook that is due for January’s book club.  Libraries sometimes just know what you need and when.  I still have several hours left in it, but I’m about 25% of the way done.


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