Missing paperwork

I was trying to get prepared early for my passport appointment. I am going on a trip in February and made the passport appointment for tomorrow, thinking that I had all my paperwork together. I can’t find my birth certificate!

So I decided to go to pick up a copy from civic center in the city. I looked online and found out how to do it, but I called the number online just to make sure I can get it on the same day. I got a recording telling me to call 311 from a phone in the city. Well, I was at work, so I wasn’t in the city. Then it told me to call a different number and to disregard the number online, but they’d transfer me. Excuse me? Shouldn’t someone update the info on the website?

I reached someone after pushing several dozen buttons to be transferred to different departments. The person I finally talked to assured me that if I was picking up my own, I could get it the same day, and all I needed was my driver’s license. Great! But… the address listed online was wrong, unless you are under three. He suspected that I wasn’t under three anymore. I assured him that I’m well over three. Again, update the website?

I left work and hopped on Bart, after getting the school parking permit from my youngest daughter, so I could meet my oldest daughter at class after art club tonight. On the Bart train, I sat next to the handicapped seat. My handicap placard expires on Saturday, so I didn’t even try. Not that I need it anymore, anyway. Anyhow, the woman seated in the handicapped seat had about ten prescription bottles seated next to her, blocking the second handicapped seat. Another woman got on and sat right on the bottles. I am not sure what either of them were thinking. There were plenty of other seats, so it’s not like I was blocking anyone from sitting elsewhere.

I walked to city hall and tried to in the front door. You can’t use the front door if you have a bag or backpack. I was sent to the side entrance. Ok. Fine. I tried again. You have to use the loading dock if you have a bag or backpack. Ok. Off to the loading dock for me and my backpack. There were two other people there with the nerve to try to bring bags in. The guy in front of me was arguing with his belt, since it didn’t play nicely with the metal detectors. The woman in front of him was arguing with the attendant about the scissors in her bag. The attendant over and over told her “I can’t tell you what to do with them or where to put them, but you cannot bring them into the building.” The woman kept asking “can I put them here? Will you hold them?” A repeat of the lines from the attendant. The attendant didn’t really even look at me, and just waved me in. The guy in front of me came running back, holding his pants, because he left his belt in security.

I wandered around looking for the right room. I waited in the non existent line to get the paperwork and sat in the hall to fill out the info. Turned the papers in to get a number and waited a whole three minutes to be called back. I paid for my certificate after telling the clerk where I got my wallet. She gave me an envelope and sent me on my way. I can only hope that the passport appointment is as easy.

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