Going on a cruise

I have been invited to go on a cruise in February.  I have never been on a cruise before, so there are a lot of things to think about and to prepare for.  Right after I agreed to go, I worked the Big Book Sale.  The friend who I am traveling with told me to make sure I bought enough books to keep me busy on the cruise.  My friend has apparently never seen the stack of books that keeps growing.  When I described it, the response was, “you probably shouldn’t bring all of those with you, you might be over the boat’s weight limit.  Read on your kindle or in the ship’s library.”  There’s a ship library?  I was planning on sitting by the pool with my book and just relaxing on the sea days.  But, there’s a library, too?

I am bringing my kindle.  I’ll bring the charger for it, and a paper book or two with my book light.  I am debating getting a pair of tinted reading glasses so I can read on paper by the pool.  I got the WiFi package, but it’s only social media, so I can’t update the Kindle while I’m on board.  I need to fill it up ahead of time.

We have three days of excursions, and I am hoping for tours, rather than sitting around.  No private beach for us.  Go, go, go!  I am not doing the zip line that my travel companion will do in Puerto Vallarta, but I’ll find something to do while avoiding the zip line.  I don’t think I can even watch it.  We aren’t booking the excursions until next month, I think.

I plan on getting the spa pass to use the hot tub, sauna and steam room.  I’ll be using the fitness room, since I hope to be back at it by then.  I will have to pack both tinted and non tinted goggles for swimming different times of the day.  I look forward to the movies by the pool at night.

I have looked at the food options and decided to get the soda package since I don’t drink enough to make the alcoholic beverage package worth it for me.  Plus, I don’t want to try to drink enough to make the package worthwhile, since I want to remember the trip.

I still have to research the packing list, but I know I have a little shopping to do.  Two dressy dresses.  Multiple swimsuits.  Toiletries.  All the stuff I usually forget, too.   This list will be made up early.  I can’t start packing now, since I have a trip to Vegas in January, and I’ll need the suitcase.