One bite at a time

I am still behind on my book challenge. Eleven books behind schedule. I will know that I’ll make the challenge. It doesn’t help me to hear things like, “you set the challenge yourself. Nothing’s going to happen if you don’t make it.” This is true, but I’ll be disappointed if I don’t. I also know that I have reading time coming up, since the things that I have on my weekend schedule don’t require a lot of time. Plus, extra days off for the holidays, somewhat. We are working a couple of weekend mornings in order to take off Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. Also, most of the bookclub groups are taking December off, so I’m more able to read my own choices instead of the chosen books.

As I am thinking of how to get the last 21 books in, the old joke “how do you eat an elephant?” comes to mind. One bite at a time.

I have a few books that still have deadlines, but the rest just need to be finished by December 31. Just under two months to go.

1. Black beauty – reading with a friend, a chapter at a time, just to push me through it. It’s a very easy read, but I just need to do it. We will definitely finish by December 31, but we are both busy so we are reading in chunks. 12% done

2. Night – due for classics bookbub on December 2. I have been assured that it’s a quick read. Not started

3. The never-ending story – reading one chapter at a time with a group of 4 of us. All of us are either working multiple jobs or are in school after work, so it’s slow going. It’s possible that we won’t finish by December 31. First chapter is completed.

4. A second chance – third book in a series I have been enjoying, so I’m reading this for myself. I hope to finish it this week. 10% done

5. America for beginners – January’s local book club selection. I am almost finished with it. I started it because I couldn’t get the November book yet and I didn’t want to fall way behind. 80% done

6. She’s not there – October’s local book club selection, which I didn’t finish yet. I am reading a chapter here and there to get through it. 68% done

7. Winnie the pooh – library book that must be returned soon. 50% done

8. Summer wives – a larger sized book in the paper book pile. Haven’t started it yet. It’s hardback, so it probably won’t travel much with me. 0% done

9. Digging in – due black Friday for my bookclub with my friends. Another easy read. 15% done

10. Vodka and Chocolate Drops – due November 8 for a goodreads group challenge. 3% done

11. Curse of the Lord of darkness – I was given this book to read and, in exchange for the freebie,I am supposed to write an Amazon review. 3% done

There’s more than half of the books that I have left. All planned out. Now I just have to do it. Most of them are at least partially read, so I just have to finish. Wish me luck!

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