No driving

I was solely on the streetcar yesterday. I walked to the original stop, so I never drove at all. There was nothing eventful on the first leg of my trip.

When I got off the train at Powell, there was an accordion player playing the themes from star wars and titanic, back to back. While this was interesting enough, it was highlighted by the couple who stopped to dance along.

I went to the movies at the theater with the comfy seats. I saw A Star is Born. It was ok. I had a row to myself.

I ended up in the Haight and nothing truly eventful happened. Which was unusual for the Haight, but people watching was minimally interesting. I did meet a dog who was taking her owner for her daily hourly “sniff.” She was not interested in the walk, just smelling everything and everyone.

On the way home, there was a lady with the red shoes sitting next to me and kicking me because she was swinging her feet. She kept asking me if we’d passed a certain stop. When we got to her stop, she didn’t make a move to get off. I reminded her and she asked the lady across from her, who wasn’t with her, if she was getting off, too. She was generally surprised that she wasn’t joining her.

Next up was the lady who kept asking to borrow cell phones. I decided to get off at that point. I got my steps in yesterday, no problem.

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