My art class

I am loving my art class. I am not good at it, but I am enjoying it. It is acrylic painting, and I haven’t taken a drawing class since high school.

I enjoy having a room full of people to get to know. I walk in, greet those who arrived before me, and start getting my supplies together. As new people come in, I greet them, too. We chat a bit as we get ready, then we sit down to work on the current project.

About halfway through class, I get up and see what everyone is up to.  We talk about the current project, how the week went, what we are up to next, etc.  It all depends on what we feel like chatting about, and who I am talking to.

I have gotten requests to go running with people, to volunteer with another, and many, many book recommendations and offers to share books.

I am signing up for the next session, too.  Hopefully, some of the same people are in class again.  If not, I’ll meet new people and have new topics to discuss during break.

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