Starting the huge project

I am working slowly on the huge pile of books. I am trying to figure out a plan to make it smaller fastest.

If I read the big, thick books first, the pile will get smaller quickly. I have to be careful about pulling out the large books and then leaving a large book on top of several small books and having the pile collapse.

If I read them in order of what book is due for bookclub, then the middle section of the pile might empty first, and I’ll be rearranging as I finish books. Then I don’t know where books are right away.

If I read the smaller books first, then it leaves the large books literally looming over my head. It’ll still be a balancing act.

Other options are alphabetical by title, alphabetical by author, series starting at book one, series starting randomly. Also, alternate ebook and paper book. Audiobooks are only for the car, so they can’t be mixed in with the alternating media.

I should start by not bringing more books in until I finish a few inches of books.

At the rate I’m going, I am just going to stall until they magically disappear.

Any other ideas for which way I should tackle the project?

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