Silent book club

Today, I went to a silent book club. We all go read together in a quiet, comfortable location.

Before that, I went to return library books and walk around civic Center. I decided to go see a star is born, especially since it was mentioned in the Bette Davis club that I recently finished reading.

I arrived early and they were doing a photo shoot so I couldn’t get in yet. I wasn’t dressed well enough to be in the shoot, so I had no problem not being invited in. I took a walk and used the bathroom first.

I settled in on a brown leather loveseat. Another woman came in and sat on the other half. I asked her what she was reading, and it was a legal book. I promptly forgot the title, since I wouldn’t be reading it. I realized that I was sitting on a throw pillow and stood up, sending the loveseat and the poor woman sitting on it flying about a foot backwards. Whoops.

It was pretty much silent after the general chit chat about what we were reading was complete. Two hours of quiet, comfortable seats, and good lighting.

As I left, I introduced myself to the organizer and asked about next month’s date. Hopefully it will be on a date I can go. No pressure reading. Just read what you want. I got a lot accomplished on multiple books. Nothing finished, though, but I am not pushing up too tight on any due dates.

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