Volunteering at the big book sale

I saw an advertisement for the Friends of the San Francisco Library Big Book Sale. I decided I needed to go. When I looked up the info, I saw that they needed volunteers, so I signed up. I am being paid in books. Apparently, we get five dollars in book vouchers for working our two hour shift. I worked 4 hours.

I arrived a little late, but it was so huge that no one had worked their way to the register until an hour and half after the doors opened. I was paired with a very young woman. After talking to her for a little while, she introduced me to her husband, who was working at the register next to us. They’d been married quite a while, so I’m guessing they were closer to thirty than twenty.

I was supposed to help the cashier count the books after separating them by type. Then write up a receipt and bag the books while she collected payment. It was fun work, and both of us gave out unsolicited book reviews and recommendations.

We did a lot of people watching, and then were swamped with customers from 11:30-1:45. Then when I checked out, I received my voucher and headed into the area with the book tables. It was a huge area. I spent over an hour there and only got to two tables, and only saw less than half of what was on them.

There were many books that I’d read. Many on my to read list. Many more that I’d never heard of. It was wonderful to be around all those book lovers.

I went to check out and the woman manning the line was talking about one of the books I had selected. I mentioned that it was on the list for the great American Read. She had not heard of it, but was thrilled to know it was up. I also mentioned the BBC big read. “Oooh, easy book recommendations!” Yes. Very true.

I found my $1 off coupon and used it to donate to Friends of the San Francisco Library. I was thrilled to be there and would have liked to spend enough time there to look at all the tables, but I would have ended up spending way too much money and adding to the precarious pile next to my bed.

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