Reschedule of book club

My big book club meets all over the place. It was supposed to meet close to me tomorrow. I was very excited to not have to travel far this time, but the chosen book was beyond boring. I was dreading having to discuss it. I was also dreading having to finish it. I think it made its point in the first chapter and the kindle kept telling me that I had twelve more hours listening to the author make his point. I agreed right away. I didn’t need twelve more hours of it. I wanted to finish it, though, so I could go to the meeting to show support for having it at the closer location.

I got a message that the hostess is sick and is rescheduling to next week. I have a baptism to attend. Thank you to my cousin for having a wonderfully adorable baby getting baptised and having his first birthday on a day that I’d have to miss book club. I’ll miss the people, but I really won’t miss the yawn-worthy discussion that I’m sure will happen. And I’m going to find something more productive to do in the twelve hours I won’t be spending reading the book.

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