Are you stuck in traffic?

I use Waze on the way to work daily. Not so much to know how to get there, but to give me an ETA so I’ll know how late I’ll be.

Lately, it’s been taking me longer and longer to get to work, so I have been leaving earlier and earlier.  There seems to be an accident or two just about every day.  If no accident, then fog is heavy, or the weather affects the traffic somehow.  I watch the ETA time get later and later, and then there’s the dreaded notification from Waze “Are you stuck in traffic?” and the time gets even later.

I am learning to not get stressed out over this.  I have an audiobook loaded on my phone, and I listen to it as I crawl along in traffic.  There’s not a thing I can do about traffic, so I just have to relax and hope no one decides to hit me and make me part of the traffic problem.


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