Stop making excuses

I was looking at lists of nonfiction and of sci fi books for suggestions for January’s book clubs.  A coworker came by and asked me what I was doing, and I explained to him.  He asked me, “you have time to read?”  I told him I make time and that I’ve read 41 books this year.  I didn’t mention that I was behind, though.  Then he asked about how book clubs work, and if all those people sit and read together, since he couldn’t sit and read with a group.  No, everyone reads the books and then gets together to discuss.  I explained that it helps keep me on track, since book clubs have deadlines.

“I could only read physics books.”  I told him they still count.  But he couldn’t find people to discuss with.

“I can read again when my kids hit college.”  Don’t they sit and do homework?  “I have to make sure that my son isn’t playing on his phone.”  Take the phone away.  Sit there with your book while he reads.  “My daughter needs help with her homework”  She’s in first grade.  How much homework help does she need?

“I feel sleepy when I read.”  Start reading fifteen minutes or a half hour earlier.  Don’t turn the TV on.  That last one stunned him.  Don’t turn the TV on?  It never occurred to him.

Poor guy.  All these excuses and I had an argument for each one.

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