I am not big on Halloween. Once the kids were old enough to do their own thing, I basically backed away, other than the occasional party. But, that was only if it fell on a weekend and if I had extra energy to pull together a costume.

This year, I’m supposed to go to class. I figure that half the class is going to be missing anyway, plus I have been working later at work and would barely make it. I won’t be going tonight.

I am staying home and not answering the door for the trick or treating kids that never come to the door anyhow. I have candy ready, just in case, but it’s unlikely that we will need it.

I will be indoors with my book and making sure our black cat doesn’t get out. I may even do some laundry and wear warm, straight out of the drier pjs tonight. I still have to get up early for work tomorrow.

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