11 Books Behind (40/62 books read)

This is still stressing me out, but not as badly.  I have been finishing more than a book a week lately, which was the original plan.  Listening to the audiobooks in the car helps a little.  The majority of what I read, though, is ebooks.  I absolutely have to get some of my paper books read soon, before they actually do topple over on me.

I am about to finish a book, so that’ll bring me to 10 books behind, at least temporarily.  The audiobook I am listening to right now is for January’s book club, so I’ll be ahead and will have forgotten about it by the time we meet.  The book that I’m stalling on starting is for bookclub on Sunday.  I hope to start it today, at least.  It’s an ebook, too, though.  The book for the next bookclub after Sunday is paper, and it arrived yesterday.  I hope to start it Sunday or Monday.

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