Female Authors

Before I started going to classics bookclub, there was apparently a heated discussion about the unbearable lightness of being. The leader of the club at that time took it personally and quit, from what I understand. Someone else eventually took it over.

They choose the books now by vote. We all send in our list of books we want to read, then we all vote. So everyone has a say, instead of one person choosing each month.

With the new system, the current leader tells us that it means that we aren’t “always reading old, dead white guys.” I started thinking about this, and I looked back at the books I read this year.

I read almost exclusively female authors this year. It was unintentional, but it was partly guided by the fact that classics book club was mostly reading female authors. I was reading those books. Sci fi book club has been giving two choices – read one or both. I had generally already the one by the male author, or I felt it was too long, or I just never got into the book. I didn’t realize that I had chosen the female author fairly consistently, until I looked back at the year.

I am talking about books I completed, not just started. I always have several books going, and there is a decent selection of male authors on my currently reading list. It’s just that I seem to not be finishing them. I will have to make a conscious effort to finish more of these before the end of the year.

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