Book Club October 27

Bookclub, on October 27, was my idea. I have a few friends who read similar book, and we discussed them, but we haven’t read them all at the same time, so we don’t to remember the book equally. So, we decided to read the same book at the same time. I was in charge of picking the first book. Since we don’t all live near each other, we were doing an online meeting.

I picked something that fit our criteria. Kindle Unlimited book with audio included. I picked The Bette Davis Club. It was described as a comedy, and I wanted something light.

Earlier in the week, I had gotten a message from one of the members of the book club that she had no plans for Saturday night and we were welcome to go to her place to just hang out. I had no plans, either, so that sounded great to me.

I spent the day on Saturday trying to finish the book. The kindle said I had 2.5 hours left in it, but I kept getting distracted. I got a lot accomplished at home, though. Laundry, bathroom cleaning, breakfast, loading the online meeting app into my phone, etc etc. I still hadn’t finished the book when it was time to shower and leave.

As I was leaving, dressed very casually, my dad noticed that I didn’t have shoes on. I explained that I was going to wear flip flops and they were in the car with my swim stuff. He calls after me “You hope!” Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad. I stopped to think about it, but they really were in the car. I also briefly considered what would happen if I went barefoot.

I arrived at the meeting place with my flip flops on my feet and my hair wet and not brushed. We did the bookclub over Zoom. I hadn’t used it before, so there were minor technical issues, including my camera angle, which apparently made me look like I’m all boobs, as one woman said.

I didn’t have much to say, since I hadn’t finished the book. The others weren’t a big fan of it, so the discussion was short. I will attempt to finish it this week. I also need to get my hands on the next month’s book, which I did not choose.

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