Book club October 24

For the nearby bookclub, we are reading She’s not there. It is a book that I wouldn’t have normally picked up on my own, but I am enjoying it.

The day of book club, the plan was to go to work, finish the book, pick up my kid for evening class, then leave class early and go to the store for snacks for bookclub, then arrive at the bookclub a little late. It didn’t happen that way.

I ended up staying late at work, which threw off my planned reading time, so I wasn’t able to finish the book. I was late picking up my kid, so we wandered into class just as it was starting. Because I was leaving early, I worked out harder than usual, so by the time I got out of there, I was in a full blown asthma attack which started me coughing and I couldn’t stop, even with my inhaler. At that point, I was done. Bookclub wasn’t happening for me that night.

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