Tonight’s migraine

When I left for work this morning, my mother asked if I was going to be home tonight. I told her I would be and requested that the family attempt to let me finish my book that’s due for bookclub tomorrow. Yep. I’m home on a Friday night. Nothing new there.

I had a longer than normal day at work, and toward the end, I started to get an optical migraine. I had mentioned that I hadn’t had a migraine in months, so I jinxed myself. I had not replaced my bottle of Excedrin that I normally keep in my locker, so I had to make due with Tylenol and cold coffee. I got to the point where I wouldn’t be driving home blind, but that migraine was letting itself be known.

I had to drop something off with my kid on the way home, so my commute was a little longer than usual. Then I got back on the freeway which was suddenly at a dead stop. Of course, since my migraine was now yelling obscenities at me. There had been an accident that required two fire trucks and a county service vehicle. At least my day was going better than the people in the accident.

By the time I got home, I could barely keep my eyes open, but I decided I should probably go to the bathroom first, so my bladder wouldn’t wake me in ten minutes. I texted my mother to let her know I had a migraine and would be napping. I settled into pjs and climbed into bed just after 5 pm on a Friday, with a fat black cat on my chest.

I napped for over an hour, with my headphones on. I don’t usually plug them into anything, but they drown out the majority of the household noise, just by covering my ears. I assumed correctly that the family would forget that I was sleeping and nursing the migraine.

The family returned from the grocery store and began the grocery unloading parade, complete with a marching band and show horses. Ur settled down a bit once they started cooking dinner. I was fed and the migraine settled to a dull roar. I think I can finally settle in and get some reading done.

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