Little Free Library

I love the idea of the little free libraries.  I was thrilled to find out that a friend is supposed to be opening her own in front of her house, near us.  I have many books to donate to it, and I am always looking to find new books.  Unfortunately, she’s opening it with her neighbor, and the neighbor has life getting in the way.

I was cleaning up at home and found a few books that I knew I would never read, but they were perfectly good books.  Someone would like them.  I put them in a pile to donate to her little free library, but opening day will be several months from now.  I put them in my car, hoping that I would be able to donate them soon.

I left work one day and drove to an appointment, so I traveled down a street that I usually don’t drive down.  I looked over, and what do you know?  A little free library was right on the side of the road, with lots of parking near it.  I actually remembered that I had the books in the car!  I hopped out and put them in the box.  Unfortunately, I found three more books that I NEEDED.  James Patterson.  Now I have to add them to my list of books that I need to read.

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