Bookbub and The Fussy Librarian

Soon after I got my first Kindle, I found bookbub. Soon after that, I discovered the Fussy Librarian. They are both websites that email you daily information on free and cheap ebooks. I have filled up several Kindles with these books.

Bookbub is very good about posting the prices.  They give a wide selection of free and cheap books, but they don’t necessarily stick to your favorite genres.

The Fussy Librarian is more tailored to your personal tastes.  You get a book or two in each genre that you’ve chosen.  Use caution, though.  It’s easy to end up in bargain books, which cost a little bit of money.

Both of these services sometimes have limited time offers, so pay attention to the price you are paying.

I am always looking for sources for free and inexpensive ebooks.  Does anyone have suggestions for other services?

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