Book Club 10/21

I travel about an hour for the first book club I joined.  I really enjoy the group of people I met through this group, so it’s worth the drive.  I also visited a friend who works near where we met this month.

We were reading All Systems Red and/or The Changeling.  We could read one or both.  I only read All Systems Red.  The Changeling is on my to be read list, of course.

Book Club started at 4.  I arrived at the meeting area at 3:30, so I set my alarm and took a short nap.  I wandered over to the meeting area, still waking up.  Thankfully, I was only the third one there.  We discussed what everyone had been up to since we last met, and then the fourth person arrived, diving head first into discussion about the book that I hadn’t read yet.  Ok, I guess we are starting.  While they were discussing the book, I relaxed and watched the foot traffic.  The fifth person arrived, and he hadn’t read the other book yet, either, so he joined me in not paying attention to the discussion.  A very large, friendly dog, named Shannon, decided that I’d be the best bet to get a pat on the head and a little attention.  She was right.

That discussion lasted all of about fifteen minutes, so we moved on to All Systems Red.  It was a very short book, but was very interesting.  But, we only got about ten minutes of discussion out of it.  The rest was discussion of other books we are reading, and movies that we saw.  It was well worth the travelling to get book and movie recommendations.  I also found several books that I do not want to read.

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