Overcoming Challenges

I participate in Goodreads challenges.   The main one is the annual challenge.  I set my reading goal this year for 62 books.  I am lagging behind a little because of a variety of reasons.  Some issues are easier to fix than others.  I am finding ways to get myself back on track.
The moment I sit down to read, I am joined by a rather large black cat, Inky.  Inky tells me every day when it’s naptime, even if it’s not.  Inky just wants attention and wants to be up under my chin and cuddling.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get anything done with a furry, 14 pound, purring creature between me and whatever I’m working on.   We try comprises until she settles down.   A blanket on my lap with her as my book rest occasionally works.  Sometimes her bed next to my pillow works.  Right now, it’s a drooling head resting on my arm with my book off to one side so I can still see what I’m doing.  It’s still not naptime for me, but I’m not keeping Inky from her nap.
Putting the phone down is another challenge.   Chatting, scheduling, games, etc.  They are all distractions.  I am making a conscious effort to turn off notifications on non essential apps on my phone.  I leave text and phone call notifications on, in case someone really needs to contact me, though.   These are not typical, though.
I have managed to break myself of most of the tv habit.  I watch one or two hours of tv a week, and only specific shows.  That was a bad habit that was easier to break than I thought it would be.
I get disturbed by family chatting with me, but I just have to deal with it.  I am getting them to learn to know when I’m reading or trying to sleep, and they are respecting my quiet time more now.
I started buddy reads with friends.   Three friends, two different books.   We are supposed to be reading a chapter a night.   We are a little lenient on each other because life gets in the way sometimes.  The three of us who are reading Neverending Story had a little difficulty getting the book into one reader’s hands, but we should be underway as soon as her library gets it to her.  Where Nobody Knows Your Name is delayed because my reading buddy has a job far from home and travels Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   Reading time is limited.  I fully expect to finish both of these books soon.
I am also a member of two real life book clubs.   These give me deadlines to finish books and someone to report to.  I hate showing up at bookclub and having to announce that I haven’t finished the book yet.   I have made a list of what book is due next.
Getting organized and getting my distractions out of the way before settling in to read seems to be a lot of the solution.   I am determined to overcome these challenges and finish the rest of the books by the end of the year.

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