My Kindles

I used to read my ebooks on my phone.   I couldn’t justify the cost of a kindle when the phone works perfectly well.   Then I saw one in one of my patient’s hands.  It was the Paperwhite.   I hadn’t realized how much like a book it looked.  I started thinking about getting one.   I ended up receiving one as a gift.  I fell in love.  I got a black and blue waterproof case for it so it traveled with me wherever I went.  Gym, pool, work, bathroom, bed.   I didn’t need my reading glasses, either, since I could adjust the print.

I could read whatever I felt like reading.  I always had multiple books going, and now all the books could travel with me.  I discovered Goodreads.  I was able to track what I was reading, what I had read, and what I wanted to read.  I got recommendations from friends.  I found group challenges and the annual challenge.  I signed up for the annual challenge and have been reading up a storm ever since.  I have signed up for a yearly challenge every January ever since.

I discovered bookbub and the fussy librarian.  They both offered me free and discounted books daily. I filled up my Kindle.   I was given a Kindle Fire, but I was used to the anti glare surface of the Paperwhite, so the Fire became the music source for work.  I rarely read on it, unless I’m desperate. 

One day, I noticed a tiny crack on my blue Paperwhite screen.  Even though it was in its case securely, it managed to get a crack in it.  It was still working, but I couldn’t read at night because that tiny crack shone brightly, right into my eyes.   I called customer service and there wasn’t anything they could do for me, except offer a discount on a replacement.  I took them up on the offer and got my second Paperwhite, this time with a black case.

I got to work filling up that Kindle right away.   I had a difficult time with non reading things, and had to move quickly from where we were living.  I know the kindle went with us, but I managed to misplace it.  I thought I’d lost it at the grocery store, so I put my phone number in the title, hoping someone would find it and return it.   I ended up ordering a refurbished Paperwhite, this time with a black and pink case.

I was mourning the loss of the black Kindle while waiting the arrival of the pink one.  When the pink one arrived, it didn’t work quite right.  After quite a while with customer service, we managed to manually push through an update and get it working perfectly.   It became my companion.   It was easier to find in my purse, too, since it wasn’t all black.  

After several weeks, I found the black one, sitting in a dark corner at home.   It now has silver writing on it with my phone number.   It’s been a backup when the pink one needs to be charged.

One day, I received an email telling me that I could turn in my Paperwhite for a discount on the new Oasis.  I started looking into it.   I could listen to my audiobooks on my Kindle?   Sure!  But, no.  Which Paperwhite could I part with?  None.  They all have sentimental value.   Plus, it was a cost I still couldn’t justify, even with the discount.   I put it on my Amazon wishlist, expecting it to stay there.  

I received the Oasis for my birthday.   It was so light that I was afraid to use it until I got a cover for it.   I also had to get headphones for it, since I didn’t own Bluetooth ones.  That delayed me a few days.   I did end up subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, since I could get books with the audio portion included.  I am not in love the headphones, so this isn’t ideal yet.  Also, I’ve read that the Oasis isn’t as sturdy as the paperwhite, so it’s not traveling with me like the Paperwhite does.  It’s a work in progress.   Is bigger, so it is easier to read, but it’s an at home reader so far. 

My pink Paperwhite is my companion, still.   I am still waiting for the Oasis to convince me.

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