Juggling a Lot

As you have probably figured out, I have a tendency to juggle a lot. Between work, school, and my own entertainment, I have a lot on my plate. This isn’t even counting my family commitments. Yes, I am scattered.

This week, I didn’t have school because of Thanksgiving. All of my instructors told me to take the full week off. They seem to have forgotten that when I return to school, I will be starting finals. My last set of finals!

I had been putting off getting my Covid booster and my shingles vaccination, since I had several months of busy weekends, and I wanted the time to recover if needed. I finally got it done yesterday. I woke up with a headache and I have been tired for most of the day, but otherwise, I seem to be ok.

When I woke up, I realized how much I had to do for school and around the house. I have a ton of reading and writing to do for classes, and I also have several films and videos to watch for the classes, too. I started making my oral todo list, then realized that I had too much to remember. Molly, the dog, was not great at being a secretary, so I eventually got up and wrote everything down. It doesn’t look like much on paper, but each of the projects will take me several hours.

I decided to stop ignoring the blog here for a moment, since I got a few tasks on the list done and needed a little break. Just a few more weeks of school and I should be done completely! I’m making progress, but it’s slow.

I have a few book reviews to finish writing and post here, so those should be coming up soon.

Back in the pool

Well, I managed to get a swim in this week. On my way from the locker room to the pool, the couple sitting and chatting in the hot tub asked me to turn on the jets that had just turned off. It didn’t want to work for me even though I tried. The woman got out and fixed it. I got into the pool.

I did my swim. Sat in the steam room for a few minutes and then I got into the hot tub. The man got out, leaving the woman to chat with me. At first, she chatted about training as a lifeguard when she was a teenager. Then she complained about being sore from moving boxes. Then she went into a long rant about how her brother is stealing her father’s house from under her after the father died and the brother evicted her. She went into every item that her brother took from her. I excused myself and went to go shower. She followed me to the locker room.

I managed to get into the shower alone but I could hear the woman telling another woman her story. The other woman left as I was getting out of the shower. I got to my locker after the first woman complimented my teal- colored towel, telling me it matched my skin. She was standing there stark naked as she chatted with me.

She started into more of her family history, including the fact that she was almost “four score and ten” and a story about her mother disowning her when she was 5, and finally forgiving her mother just before the mother died. At this point, I was fully dressed and wondering if she was going to be headed to my car with me. She did not. I let her leave before me and I stalled a bit by looking at the list of free training sessions available. I did not sign up, but I looked.

I always wonder how I get myself into these conversations. Talent, I guess?

I Choose Darkness by Jenny Lawson

I Choose Darkness

I Choose Darkness by Jenny Lawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Jenny Lawson’s writing! She writes like me – mostly off on a tangent, but gets to the point, eventually.

I was expecting a Christmas essay with this latest installment, but nope! In typical Jenny Lawson style, I should have known to expect the unexpected.

I highly recommend this book, short as it is. It is a lot of fun.

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It’s Been a While

I have been slacking when it comes to writing here. I have been eyeballs deep in books for school. My last two required classes for graduation came with a ton of reading. I have learned that I can catch up on only one class at a time. Both instructors understand this, so I am passing. Midterms are this week, so that means that I am halfway through my final semester. I can’t believe it went that quickly, honestly.

We’re in October which means that we are in breast cancer awareness month. If you are behind, think about getting that mammogram scheduled, and actually go!

I hope to check back in soon. I am a little behind on my reviews, but those should be popping up soon.