Starbucks holiday drinks

Starbucks holiday drinks

The above linked article tells about Starbucks holiday drinks and what to be careful about when ordering. Many of them have a lot of saturated fat and the article reminds us to use these drinks as a treat, not as part of our main diet.

What the article fails to mention, though, is what happens when you substitute nonfat milk, or request no whipped cream. The fat and calorie content decrease, but the article doesn’t tell us by how much. I would think that this would be an obvious addition to the article, but it seems that the author has neglected this information.

Common baking mistakes

Common baking mistakes

Now that so many people are doing their holiday baking, the above linked article will help you not make the same mistakes that many people do.

I rarely bake, but I can’t be bothered with the scale, especially since most recipes are written with cups, etc, and not the weight.

I also never sift my flour or powdered sugar.

My biggest baking and cooking crime is being forgetful. I forget to set the timer or I turn the timer off and “I’ll get to it in just a second.” then I will totally forget what I was doing.

This list is great. It goes through everything that could possibly go wrong. Take a look at it and see what you might be missing before you start your holiday baking.

From the Desk of Lady Miss by Keke Palmer

From the Desk of Lady Miss

From the Desk of Lady Miss by Keke Palmer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this up after seeing Keke Palmer interviewed on the Drew Barrymore show. I have followed her for years and when I saw that she was writing with Jasmine Guillory, I was so excited.

I got this on audiobook. I think I would have liked it more if I had read it myself, though. I was not thrilled with the voices that Keke Palmer used, and was really not thrilled with the personalities that she added to each character.

This book was the second of 5 in the series. I honestly think it would have worked better as one book instead of 5 novellas/short stories.

It was worth the time to read, though.

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I’m Thankful for…: A Book About Being Grateful!

I'm Thankful for...: A Book About Being Grateful!

I’m Thankful for…: A Book About Being Grateful! by Uncle Amon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got this book for free after being asked for reviews of another author’s books. I’m trying to clear out my audible account of the little things, so I’m not crazy reading this when it’s not Thanksgiving time. 

It is a cute book teaching kids gratitude. If I had small children, it would be wonderful to share it with them. 

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7 books ahead

I hit 105 of my 110 book goal today. Five more to go! It’s been difficult with all the reading for school, since most of my school reading isn’t in novel form.

I think I can manage 5 more books before December 31, especially since, as always, I have multiple books started.

Little Free Library Etiquette

Little free library etiquette

The above linked article tells about how to treat the Little Free Libraries in your area. Take one leave one is the most important one, but this article includes little things like not donating or selling books that you’ve found. Tidy up, including making the titles face out and take out any garbage that someone else might have left.

I haven’t seen too many more libraries pop up, but when I do, I make sure to visit. I will keep these etiquette rules in mind.