What are you reading Wednesday

This Wednesday, I am working on Small Great Things on audiobook.  Since I mostly only get to listen when I am driving alone, I doubt I’ll finish it this week, especially since it’s 16 hours long.  I am enjoying the story immensely, though.

I am also working on Where’d You Go, Bernadette?  I haven’t had much reading time this week, so it’s slow going.

I finished two books this week that I had partially done, so I feel accomplished at least.

Googly Eyes

We, as a family, decided to make the centerpieces for the funeral reception.  I went to Michael’s to pick up the items that we needed for them.  While I was shopping, I spotted googly eyes.  I thought to myself, “that would be funny, but inappropriate.”  I texted my daughter to ask her, knowing that it was not appropriate for a funeral reception.  She gave a non-committal answer.  I texted my friend who told me, “absolutely not!”  I told her that I would totally be ok with googly eyes if the centerpieces were for me.  My friend told me “You won’t be doing the centerpieces for mine.”   Well then!


Crashing a field trip

After work today, I was going to meet my daughter and her class for a field trip to an art museum.

I left work and texted my daughter. She got a ticket for me. I was to meet her in the courtyard by the main entrance. I found parking and walked into the museum. My daughter was nowhere to be seen. I was at the wrong museum. We figured it out after several phone calls.

I got to the right museum. Found my daughter and had lunch with her. Then we found her class.

We walked around listening to the instructor. I thanked him for letting me crash the field trip.

I enjoyed my trip out. We went to the art store and to dinner on the way to class.

After class, when we got home, I realized that I was close to my fitbit goal of 10,000 steps. I paced around the kitchen and bathroom until I hit my goal. Two days in a row! The side trip to the wrong museum helped me get there.

No wasted trips, part two

Yesterday, I posted here about forgetting why I was in the garage randomly. Here’s the follow-up.

When I got home after class, I was running around trying to get to my 10000 fitbit steps, so I was all over the place. I was talking to mom and my oldest daughter while I was doing chores. I got lost headed to the garage again, but only got as far as the doorway. The two of them were shouting suggestions about why I might have been headed there. My daughter got it! Garbage can liners!

It was like a bad game of charades.

The Weekend

What a crazy holiday weekend that just passed! I work F/T & P/T in my field and drive for Uber and Lyft on the side.

At this point you can guess that yes it was extremely busy which I enjoy. I’m from the East Coast so no I don’t have any passenger problems besides the fact that I can handle myself.

I do feel like a taxi cab driver sometimes hearing of all the stories that I’m told. Getting an idea yet?

Needless to say I ended up on top of my nights and some extra money in my pocket! Thank you to everyone who was responsible this weekend!


My good friend asked me to write whenever I could. Here goes…

This weekend was hectic to say the least I work F/T and P/T and I drive on the side so I eat out more than I should.

This weekend with the holiday was not easy trying to stay on track but somehow I did manage to eat somewhat healthy.

Friday night I was out working until it started downpouring. I called it my last ride at this point since I had to be at work Saturday morning which left me a bowl of cereal nothing exciting.