The Flintstone House

The Flintstone House

The above linked article tells of the origins of the house that sits near 280 in Hillsborough. The architect tells about how the house that was originally called the Santorini was imagined.

I am of the beige, not purple, lovers. It just looks wrong and tacky to me now. I do understand that the current owner uses it for parties, and not for living in. Most parties are at night, and you can’t tell that it’s purple, so I suppose it’s ok for that.

Birth of a Nation

This is a story of the events that lead up to Nat Turner leading a rebellion of the slaves in 1831. I had heard of the movie from multiple sources, so it was time to watch it.

I enjoyed the movie. It was very informative, but I hadn’t realized that it was about an actual event. I learn more and more every day.

This movie is not the same as the 1915 movie starring Lillian Gish. At first, I thought it was a remake and I was expecting a KKK rising any minute. It’s definitely not the remake. I still don’t know that I want to see the 1915 version.

Marriage Story

I was looking over the list on the best of Netflix article. I was reading off the names of movies I’d be interested in seeing and we decided that Marriage Story might be interesting.

I was expecting more of a comedy, but it was definitely not. It was a drama, and it was sad to watch the end of a marriage.

I felt that the couple could have had a different ending if so many other people weren’t involved. I am sure that many people have had similar stories end the way the movie did. I am also sure that others had different endings, depending on the process.

I would recommend this movie, but it was a little heavy for a distraction watch. I can see why it won so many awards, though. Very good movie, just not a lot of humor.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s wall

I heard someone refer to her book stack as “Hadrian’s Wall by my head at night.” I had to look it up.

The Wikipedia entry is linked above. I pulled photos from it, and, yes, I agree, it does look like a stack of books. In its day, before 122, it was much taller than it is now. Maybe people have gotten around to reading the books in the stack? Kidding. It looks like it would have been overwhelmingly huge in its time. Kind of like some books stacks I know.

File:Hadrians Wall with Weedkiller.JPG

How to Name Your Pet

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed more dogs out and about with their owners. I guess the owners are getting out more, so the pets get out more.

I was walking out of work and I could hear a woman dropping her car off with the valet. I heard, “come on Nama. Be good. Nama, stay. Nama stay.” I just knew that she named that dog just so she could say Namaste.

A few days later, as I was going in to work, I saw a woman trying to get out of the car while her dog yapped away inside. “Come on, Loretta. Calm down.” I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog named Loretta before.

Kallie lives in the house which has a backyard that shares a fence with us. When we let our dogs out, it sounds like a tea party is going to happen. “Molly, Doris, Kallie! Keep it down out there!” They mostly just bark to talk, not out of anger. We don’t trust them enough to meet each other face to face.

I love to hear entertaining pet names. If you’ve heard any, please share.

The Real Names of Fictional Characters

The real names of fictional characters

Some of the names mentioned in the above linked article were not new to me. For example, I knew what Barbie’s real name was long ago.

I was glad to learn that Jughead’s parents hadn’t named him Jughead, but I can see why he uses that nickname. The same goes for Shaggy.

This was a fun list to look through, although some of the names were kind of silly.