Not Much Help

We had a tree almost fall over across the street from home. I contacted the city to have them fix it. They put caution tape on it and left.

A few days later, I was talking to the owner of the tree. He had no idea where the caution tape came from. He decided to try to trim the tree, even though the roots were up, out of the ground. I told him who to contact to help him with the tree, and then I left for the day. When I came back, the tree was propped up with an old shelf. Interesting solution. I hope someone takes care of the tree soon.

Missing Dog

I lost Molly when I got up to go to the bathroom. I thought she went up to see my daughter, but she was just under the blankets. She wasn’t answering when I called her, most likely because she was sleepy. I guess she was either very cold or very tired. Either is a valid reason for hiding under the covers. At least I didn’t have to look very hard.

Chapter by Chapter

As always, I have multiple books started. I always am working slowly toward the end of a book, and usually keeping track of it on Goodreads.

This year, I have a new technique. One chapter at a time. I read a chapter, then switch media, and then repeat. This way, I can get audiobooks, paper books, and Kindle books completed in record time. In theory.

So far, this is working. I have finished several books and am making progress in others. I keep track of if they are for fun, for bookclub, or for an author talk. I have also become a Beta reader and an ARC for multiple authors. I love having advance copies of books to review.

I’m ahead in my annual challenge count, so I hope to keep it that way most of the year, without stressing myself out and while enjoying what I am reading.

Who Stole the Bees’ Wings? by Jeff Falyn

Who Stole the Bees' Wings?

Who Stole the Bees’ Wings? by Jeff Falyn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got this as a freebie in exchange for an honest review.

The concept of the story was great. I think that it might be over the heads of the target age group, though.

The illustrations were distracting because they seem to be imitating a child’s drawings. They come across as creepy.

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Franky the Frog by Arnie Lightning

Franky the Frog

Franky the Frog by Arnie Lightning
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a book about a fly and a frog who were friends. I’m surprised that the fly never got eaten, especially since the frog asked him over and over to stop landing on his nose.

The story kind of reminded me of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Franky the Frog was a little flaky and needed encouragement to do what he was supposed to be doing.

It would be an ok bedtime story for a young child as long as the fly not being eaten doesn’t bother anyone.

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Attention Non-readers!

When I say I’m reading, it doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. I am reading. Just like you watch TV or movies, I am entertaining myself with the work of an author or writer. The actors are in my imagination, just like the characters that the actors play are in the show’s writers’s heads. I am letting my brain take over the picture portion of the show.

Please don’t belittle your reading friends’s activities. We are not doing nothing. We are just doing something we enjoy.

The Album of Dr. Moreau by Daryl Gregory

The Album of Dr. Moreau

The Album of Dr. Moreau by Daryl Gregory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A murder mystery! This isn’t my typical genre, but I had read The Island of Dr. Moreau recently, and I knew this was related.

I was kept guessing the whole time. I know, though, that someone who wasn’t familiar with the original story might have been more confused about what was going on.

I recommend the story, but familiarize yourself with the original book first.

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