Playing tourist on a Friday night

My Meetup group planned an outing to fisherman’s wharf. I decided to go early, as usual.

I went to catch the train, and found that a driver was yelling at the people trying to get on the train, stating that the area where people wait for the train was dangerous. Well, it wouldn’t be if you were following the rules of the road.

I continued down and got off the train at the stop where I could pick up one of my favorite lunches, Koja.

After lunch, I went to wash my hands. The bathroom was closed. I went to the other restroom and found it over crowded, of course.

One person was bathing in the sink, and another was bathing in the bathroom stall. Typical day.

I got back on the train and didn’t realize that the train I boarded didn’t stop where I expected. No big deal. I got off on the next stop and backtracked. I got photos of places I don’t usually see, since I was not where I usually am. I wasn’t lost. Just misplaced temporarily.

I had to look it up. I haven’t gotten to look up more than its name so far, though.

I walked to the ferry building, since I knew where the bathroom was and where the train stopped. My original plan was to walk to the meeting place, but my first train was delayed and it was too hot to walk as quickly as I would need to.

I met the group leader and we realized that it was just us, so we started out.

I didn’t realize that there was a bar at the top of Boudin’s, where they make sourdough bread. We didn’t drink there, but we were there for happy hour.

A couple of locally famous bars were relocated to the area where we were. We went into one.

We checked out a restaurant that someone in the group had recommended, but we didn’t go in.

We went to an art show at the next bar. It was nice. Photographs of Antarctica this month.

After we left Sweeties, we caught the bus. The leader went to Chinatown, but I continued on to catch the train home. I ended up getting off the bus a little early and walked the last few blocks to the station.

I had been on the train for a few stops when four guys poked their heads in, asking if the train went to the Castro. No one answered but me.  They got on the train and I asked them what they were doing in the Castro.  Bar hopping.  I told him which bars to hit.  They decided that I should go with them.  I decided that I was underdressed, so I went toward home instead.

I was planning dinner at the last big shopping area along the train line.  I had three restaurants in mind.  All three had lines down the block, so I decided that I was not having dinner there.  I went home and ordered Chinese food with the kids.  It was a very nice Friday evening.

Grammar police

Misspellings and misuse of certain words irk me more than you know. A simple “your welcome” hits me right in the gut. Today, I found another one. Apart of your life. A part of your life and apart of your life pretty much mean the opposite thing. I have been thinking about it all morning.

Maybe I should just talk to people more, instead of seeing that they can’t spell or use the right word.

Meetup 9/11

We had a meetup group meeting on Wednesday. I was excited because people actually said they were coming this time.

I stopped at my go to lunch place, Panera, for my healthy ish fast lunch. I got paperwork done and some reading done.

I got to the meeting place early and got a table. One other person showed up early. Then a second person. Then a bigger table became available. We moved. More people showed up! I made a comment that no women other than me ever came, and two women showed up! Woohoo! We have a group!

We talked for a while and ended the meeting early. I finally feel like we have a decent group going.

Birthday adventures

We were going to the store Monday night, but when I picked my oldest up from class I got a “how about we go to dinner? Do you think you can stay awake through it? If we get it to go, I am afraid you’ll go to sleep and not eat.” She was right. I must have looked like Crap if my oldest noticed. This was at 7:30 pm.  We went to dinner and then I slept through until morning.  After I got home.

Tuesday was my birthday. Starbucks alerted me that I got a birthday reward.  I went through the drive thru since my regular Starbucks was under construction.  I ordered and was asked to pull up to the first window.  Great!  Especially since there was only one window.

My kids and I went to lunch at a restaurant that I hadn’t been to in ages.  I got a glass of cheap wine with lunch.  It was perfect.

We went to class.  I set up for working on two projects.  I am at a standstill on two others, because I am waiting for a delivery from the art supply store.

I made progress on my experimental work.  I have been playing with textures this semester.

I made progress on my diptic project.

I painted myself, as usual.

I picked up my own birthday cake. It looked better than it was. I prefer whipped cream to butter cream under the fondant.

My daughter didn’t know if my other daughter liked princess cake, so she got a mini cheesecake, too.

It was a decent day, everything considered.

Farmer’s market times 2

I was up and awake early this morning, so I went into the city to see what was going on today.

I walked around and saw the farmer’s market at civic Center.

When I heard that my daughter was awake, I headed back for her to pick me up. I stopped to get cash, and on my way, I saw a man riding a scooter with two cups of coffee in his left hand. I asked him if he could do it with three cups. He said he could put one on his head if needed. I would have liked to see that.

We headed to the farmer’s market in stonestown. We got breakfast of Porcetta and dumplings. I got the last cup of regular coffee from the coffee tent.

The musician at the market was great. I only got a little clip, but it was worth it.

Such beautiful colors at the market.

We had a great day outdoors and have a ton of fruits and veggies for the week.