Bird Watcher Comic

It’s a bird!


Earlier this year, there were several incidents about white people calling the police on their black neighbors for no reason. One of the incidents was between a woman walking her dog and a bird watcher. The bird watcher managed to record the interaction and the dog watcher was charged.

The bird watcher has written a comic about it. The above linked articles show the story about the comic and the link to Amazon so you can get a digital copy of the comic itself. I have not read it yet, but I’d love to know what others think.

Kahlo at the DeYoung

Kahlo exhibit opening

I have been waiting for things to start opening in my area. Nothing has been open for months. Last week, things have slowly been opening, including hair salons and gyms.

I got the email that one of the museums will be opening soon. One of the first exhibits is Frida Kahlo, as mentioned in the above linked article. I thought I’d missed it when the museum closed. I’m so excited. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get there and start my adventures again soon.

Blackish spinoff

Blackish spinoff

I love the show Blackish. The first spinoff was Grownish. It’s geared toward college aged people, but I still find it enjoyable.

The second spinoff was Mixedish. I absolutely love this show, since it takes place in the 80s and I can totally relate to it. It talks of difficult situations. It really makes me think, just like Blackish does.

Now, I find that Oldish will be coming out soon. Another spinoff. I hope its writing is done as well as the others.

There’s a lot to love with the first three, so I hope adding a fourth will be a great idea. I am sure that there will be heavy topics and I’ll have a lot to think about.

What order do you work in?

Today’s discussion with a friend involved cleaning the bathroom. What do you clean first? What do you clean last?

I do the shower first, since it’s the furthest from the door. Then the toilet, so that if I dribble, I’ll clean it up when I do the floors. Then floor. Then I finish up with the sink, since I’ll be washing my hands and I’ll be there anyhow.

My way seems the most logical to me. He says you always end with the toilet, and then get the floor. No reason given.

Any thoughts on this one?

Doing homework

Here’s a photo of my homework helper. She’s doing her job as a paperweight very well in this case.

She has various ways to help. This morning, it was knocking the books next to my bed over to make sure I was awake enough to start my homework.

My favorite is when she’s attempting to sleep on the keyboard of the laptop while I’m in a Zoom meeting or trying to type a paper. She’s really helpful.

Falling Behind

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I write my blog posts ahead of time, for the most part. I write when inspiration hits me, or when I have time to sit and do it. At one point, I was a month ahead.

This week, I realized that I had nothing scheduled. I had fallen behind and I wasn’t keeping up with my resolution from new years. I know that because of quarantine and social distancing, a lot of people had resolutions put off. Many were impossible to complete with not much open. Me? I just got sidetracked.

School and work and family and etc came first. Reading and writing for fun were secondary.

I seem to have caught up now and gotten a bit ahead. I’m hoping to be able to get a little further ahead soon. Thanks for sticking with me.